Incorporate Vegetables into your Entrees

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In many cases, it is the meats and other proteins that are the main star of an entree. However, vegetables can stand on their own and add some needed flavor and vitamins to your meals. Some veggies can even be used as a meat replacement in many dishes. Chairmans has many vegetable options for your […]

Utilize Chairmans’ Queso in Many Ways

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Queso is the perfect snack to serve your customers. It’s creamy, delicious, and can be used in various dishes. Read on to learn more. Different Flavors The great thing about queso is that you can add ingredients to create many different flavors. For example, you can make queso blanco, queso with sausage, or spicy queso. […]

Comforting Sides for the Winter!

Chairmans Foods Mashed Potatoes

The winter months mean colder weather and more time spent indoors. We do our best to get cozy and eat plenty of good food. Certain foods, known as comfort foods, provide us with temporary feelings of well-being. Psychologists say that foods high in carbs, sugar, fat, and salt stimulate the brain’s reward system. This is […]

Create Holiday Pastas with Chairmans’ Sauces!


Pastas are a staple item of any holiday menu. If you want to take those dishes up a notch, think about adding a fabulous sauce to these selections. From turkey gravy to alfredo sauce, there are plenty of options from Chairmans Foods. Choose a Delicious Topping with Chairmans Sauces If you want to create a […]