The Many Ways You Can Utilize Chairmans’ Queso!

Chairmans Quesodip

Food doesn’t get much tastier than a hot cheese dip! This delectable addition adds zest to any menu and gives your customers a fun approach to classic dishes. If you’re looking for some summer ideas to bring in new customers, check out our list below on how our ready-to-use queso can be incorporated into your […]

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Chairmans’ Taco Bar!

Chairmans Tacobar

Taco bars are one of the most common sights in the United States for a reason. Over 235 million Americans made Mexican food back in 2020, making it a reliable investment for any savvy food business. Mexican Food Is An American Mainstay With its close proximity to Mexico and love for varied cultural cuisine, America […]

Heat Up Your Summer with Quality Queso!

Chairmans Foods Queso

Dipping sauces are always in-season! Here’s why you should heat up your menu with queso offerings: Queso & Its Benefits Dipping sauces hit that perfect balance between tasty and fun. You can pair queso with a variety of finger foods like chips, vegetables, sliders, and grilled cheese slices. Surprisingly, queso can deliver several health benefIts […]

Chairmans’ Specialty Entree Items!

Chairmans Specialty Entrees

There’s nothing like comfort food. They’re popular menu options because they’re delicious and won’t interrupt your restaurant’s flow.  So here are three unique entrees you can add to your menus to enhance their quality with the help of Chairmans Foods! Chicken Pot Pie Chicken Pot Pie is a classic that many people have, particularly in […]

Enjoy Chairmans’ Unforgettable Side Dishes!

Chairmansfoods Macncheese

Everyone knows how important the main entree is, but we can’t forget how significant the side dishes are as well. Adding quality side dishes to your menu can improve your customer satisfaction and increase sales. Who knows, your side dishes might even steal the show! At Chairmans Foods, we have a variety of different comforting […]

Enjoy Sweet, Scalloped, and Mashed Potatoes!

Chairmansfoods Mashedpotatoes

Potatoes are a staple food in the diets of millions of Americans. Known for their versatility and adaptability, they are an essential side for dozens of beloved dishes. The high starch content in potatoes causes them to break apart when cooked, creating a great base for toppings like butter and sour cream. From a rich […]

Meals Made Easy with Chairmans!

Chairmans Comfortfood

Everyday, consumers walk into a grocery store searching for the ingredients to cook a meal later that night. This process often requires a hunt for many different foods, followed by hours of meal prep once returning home. Cooking homemade meals is a time-consuming and inefficient process to say the least. Chairmans Foods simplifies this process […]

Get Cheesy with Chairmans!

Chairmansfoods Macncheese

When it comes to comfort food, homemade mac and cheese is the king of all food. One bite can take you back to all of those cherished memories from childhood and beyond. The warm hearty flavors of Chairmans’ mac and cheese offerings make them great staples for any operation. Chairmans Foods has three different types […]

Helpful Tips to Save Energy at Your Operation

Chairmansfoods Restaurantcosts

Restaurants, as well as all foodservice operations, have tremendous energy costs. This includes lighting, air conditioning, and power to run all the necessary appliances to produce and offer delicious food. Many pieces of equipment require significant use of electricity, but there are creative ways to lower these costs. Limiting energy costs and conserving power has […]

How Restaurants Can Boost Profits

Restaurants are always looking to increase their profits. This can come from increasing sales or cutting costs. It is difficult to consistently attract new customers, so operators must be creative and strive to make more money per customer. The design of the menu provides a wonderful opportunity to increase profit margin per customer. The way […]