Comfort Classics from Chairmans!

It’s that time of the year again! Fall brings cooler temperatures, leaves on the ground, and a burning desire for a hearty meal every night. Easy dinners are becoming more and more valuable, as hours of Zoom meetings or digital classes can be a tremendous energy drain. Bringing home a meal for the entire family […]

2020 is the Year of Comfort Food

2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. To get through the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, new data suggests people have turned to food, and more specifically, comfort food. A new study, surveying the food habits of 2,000 Americans, found that comfort food is more popular than ever. 66% of respondents […]

Create a Hearty Breakfast with Chairmans!

Although we have now entered fall and everything it has to offer: colder weather, spooky nights, and everything pumpkin, breakfast continues to be a staple that everyone looks forward to each morning. It starts the day off right and leaves you satisfied for hours, giving you the nutrients to get everything you need to do. […]

Embrace These Tips to Succeed through COVID-19

October 2020 marks the 8th month that the COVID-19 pandemic will impact dozens of industries. From employees donning face coverings and a dramatic pivot towards to-go ordering, foodservice looks much different than it did in February. Businesses that have succeeded through the pandemic quickly adapted to the new “normal” and continued providing value to their […]

Get Ahead with the Plant-Forward Trend!

The plant-forward diet has moved well beyond a fad…it is a nationwide revolution that more and more customers embrace everyday. No longer does one need to identify as a “vegan” or “vegetarian” to enjoy fresh plant-based meals; the NPD Group estimates that 90% of plant-based eaters do not carry these labels. Demand for meatless meals […]

Food Prices Remain Elevated, With Signs of Easing

In August, U.S. food prices were up over 4%, compared to the usual 1.3% increase in past years. Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs have fueled this increase, which accumulatively rose 7.1% since last August. Takeout food pricing has escalated 3.5% since the past year. Limited-service meals have gained 4.8% for the month, while full-serve meals […]

Prepare for the Cold with Hearty Soups and Chilis from Chairmans!

The scorching heat of summer is drawing to a close. The onset of autumn promises to bring football on the weekends, cooler temperatures, and leaves on the ground. As these seasonal changes take effect, so do consumer appetites and meal preferences. A light sandwich or fresh salad will fail to provide the warming qualities needed […]

How Grocery Shopping Has Changed during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought tremendous change to traditional grocery shopping. From required face-coverings to one-way aisles, grocery retailers have adapted to serve their customers safely and effectively. As retailers have focused on proper safety precautions, studies have reported significant change in consumer buying habits. The pandemic has radically changed where, what, and how people purchase groceries, […]

Tackle Trendy Taco Bars with Chairmans Foods

At Chairmans Foods, our job is simple: provide wholesome and quality comfort food the entire family will love. Delivering this tremendous value requires constant innovation to our existing product line while sustaining the delicious flavors we are known for. A commitment to serving our customers best runs deep at Chairmans, and we have done it […]

Comfort Classics with Chairman’s!

Everyone loves comfort food. It reminds us of our social ties, and individuals often connect food items with a social gathering or their family. Comfort food isn’t just about eating something, but it is involved with other aspects of one’s life. Chairman’s offers the freshest and most delicious comfort food that will be popular any […]