Introducing Fixin’s Sides from Chairmans Foods

A steadfast commitment to serving our customers best runs deep at Chairmans Foods. We are constantly working to innovate our product line to bring our customers what they want: wholesome and quality comfort food for convenient meals the whole family can enjoy. Nothing completes a meal quite like a delicious variety of sides…and Chairmans has […]

Top Restaurant Trends Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes throughout foodservice. Operators everywhere are adjusting to the new, “socially-distanced” normal with a heavy focus on patio dining, take-out, and delivery. While foodservice professionals have been forced to adapt on the fly, consumers have made their pandemic food preferences clear. Over four months in, there is now enough […]

Innovate with Plant-Based Solutions from Chairmans Foods

The plant-based diet becomes more and more popular every year. What started as a fad has quickly morphed into a nationwide movement impacting foodservice and retail operations everywhere. An increasing number of customers who do not characterize themself as “vegetarian” or “vegan” are experimenting with plant-based foods and expect to see them as an option […]

Tasty Meals Made Simple with Chairmans Foods

A truly delectable meal requires more than a single good dish. It takes a combination of complementary flavors, textures, and colors to turn a bite of food into a memorable experience. These are the kinds of meals that not only bring smiles, but keep your customers coming back for more. The possibilities of delicious meals […]

Combat COVID-19 with These Foodservice Sanitation Tips

Sanitation in foodservice is more important than ever before. In the age of COVID-19, ensuring proper food safety requires consistent cleaning of common surfaces. Whether it’s in the kitchen of a restaurant or the deli counter at a grocery store, employees must sanitize and disinfect foodservice stations on a regular basis. Here are 5 tips […]

Get Ahead and Innovate with Chairmans Foods

The food industry is defined by evolving movements, trends and fads in consumer eating habits. Restaurants and retailers must constantly review their offerings to ensure it matches what consumers crave. Innovation drives demand, and adaptability is a major key for success in today’s environment. Chairmans Foods places a priority on updating our products to provide […]

Our Commitment to Comfort Food Classics Your Customers Will Love

The allure of comfort food is more than just a tasty meal. A steaming bowl of creamed corn or luscious mashed potatoes alongside fried chicken will always fill the stomach and please the taste buds. Comfort food goes beyond that – it has a unique way of drawing on precious memories of family events and […]

How Will the Restaurant Industry Look Post COVID-19?

The strict guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic put thousands of restaurants on-hold for months. As the reopening process continues to grow, customers are coming back to dine-in services that look much different than they did before. From waiters with masks to spread out tables, there are a number of noticeable adjustments that many restaurants have […]

Complete Your Entrées with Delicious Sides!

Side dishes are incredibly important when crafting or updating your menu. They can truly complement different entrées while adding the necessary nutrition that consumers crave when dining at restaurants. Side dishes can vary in type, from roasted vegetables to creamy mac n cheese. Side items are a key reason for consumers to visit your restaurant. […]

Standardize Your Flavors Across All Locations

It is a challenge for restaurant chains to ensure the same exact flavors for menu items across many different locations. Each individual restaurant has varying factors that can impact the consistency of flavor: different staff, different kitchen design, and fluctuating customer demand by location. Customers that order the same item at different locations and experience […]