How Restaurants Can Boost Profits

Restaurants are always looking to increase their profits. This can come from increasing sales or cutting costs. It is difficult to consistently attract new customers, so operators must be creative and strive to make more money per customer. The design of the menu provides a wonderful opportunity to increase profit margin per customer. The way […]

Cinnamon Apples…The Perfect Sweet for Any Occasion

Wholesome and quality comfort food is the standard at Chairmans Foods. Our products are easy to use, convenient, and delicious, delivering high quality solutions for retail grocers, chain restaurants, and other industrial customers. Looking to treat your customers to a sweet indulgence this summer? Look no further than our mouthwatering cinnamon apples. Dessert Offerings from Chairmans Pre-made […]

Take a Healthy Twist on Comfort Food Classics!

Within the last decade, the push for healthier food alternatives continues to increase. Consuming whole grains rather than refined carbohydrates is linked to a 33% decrease in heart disease risk. Findings like these push Americans towards healthier eating. Here are some healthy twists on classic foods you can add to your menu. As mentioned, substituting […]

Comfort Food Offerings for Any Time of Year

Food activates parts of our brain related to our pleasure and reward center. That means that good food has the ability to boost our mood and make us feel happy. It is why food brings us together and why we gravitate towards certain foods when we are in certain moods. Comfort foods are usually heavy […]