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In 2018, Chairmans Foods of Nashville merged with BDK Foods of Columbus, Georgia, creating one of the country’s premium producers of highly quality comfort foods for foodservice and retail deli operators.

Chairmans Foods is a gold-star rated, USDA manufacturing plant and producer of fresh salads, frozen, and refrigerated food products for more than 40 years. Founded in 1999, BDK Foods brings experience in crafting delicious home-cooked foods, available at delis, grocers and chain restaurants. As a result of the merger, national customers have greater flexibility and the security of a multi-plant solution.

Chairmans produces food products that use high-quality ingredients and packs them to ensure quality and consistency every time. The operation has grown to expand and serve customers of all sizes with custom production and packaging needs. Chairmans works with its clients in a collaborative environment to ensure the end product matches and even exceeds all expectations. The company is proud to offer an assortment of process development and packaging options to help customers transform their ideas into finished goods.

Chairmans offers restaurants and retail delis a full menu of meal options and solutions. Chairmans’ customers can proudly serve its food with the confidence that customers are treated like family. Chairmans’ southern tradition demands it and its nationwide customer network expects it.

Our Brands

Chairmans brands delight consumers and restaurants alike with high quality consistent products customers count on day-after-day. We value food safety, consistency and excellence in every bite we make.

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Comfort Cuisine

Our Facilities


Chairmans Foods runs three high-volume plants, producing 100 million pounds of high-quality food every year. Operating under a strict adherence to food safety every single day, the facilities offers customers the following capabilities and distinct cooking methods:

Chairmans Foods Columbus, GA – 70,000 sq. ft. production facility

  • Kettle Cooking
  • Retort Cooking
  • Refrigerated & Frozen Products

Chairmans Foods Nashville, TN – 40,000 sq. ft. production facility

  • Kettle Cooking
  • Refrigerated & Frozen Products
  • Custom Ready-to-Eat Blending

Chairmans Foods Atlanta, GA – 170,000 sq. ft. production facility

  • Queso
  • Ready-to-Eat Salads

The company’s experienced R&D, chef, and production teams produce outstanding and consistent foods for retailers and foodservice operators. The foods are cooked to the validated safety time and temperature and then properly cooled or frozen to maintain freshness. Chairmans’ production lines comply with and exceed the expectations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

For customers requiring third-party audits, Chairmans is eager to accommodate. Learn more about Chairmans production process and operating procedures or contact Chairmans directly for more information.



Chairmans challenges its staff to not only improve production efficiency, but also to reduce the impact of all operational aspects on the environment. Today’s consumer, restaurant patron and supply chain partner want to know about the people and practices behind their food choices. As good corporate citizens, Chairmans’ mission statement reflects a commitment to be good stewards of the earth.

Chairmans is committed to producing high-quality products with the utmost care in food safety and a belief in working and acting with sustainable methods. Here is a list of actions the company has taken to increase sustainability:





Corrugate Recycling

149 Tons YTD thru Oct. 2019

118 Tons YTD thru Oct. 2019


Recycled 24 trailer loads (~ 11K bad/broken pallets) 



Reduced LTL shipments from 30.9% to 5.8% to save costs & fuel


Reusable Dairy Totes


Used 3.1M lbs. of Milk & Half & Half YTD—avoided disposable packaging

Planned Annual Water Reduction @ Cusseta


Eliminating Chill Tanks @ Cusseta Road reducing water usage by 1.7M gallons

Planned Corrugate Reduction @ Cusseta


33.6% Reduction in Corrugate or 227K Tons per year

For more than 40 years Chairmans has been focused on making high quality food products; there’s also a strong commitment to operate sustainably – to include reducing waste and energy through the entire product life cycle – in order to leave the world a better place for future generations.
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