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Chain Restaurants

Labor is expensive and often unavailable! It’s one of the most challenging issue for restaurant operators – recruiting, training, and retaining talent.

Chairmans began as a commissary for a well-known chain restaurant. It perfected the art and science of out-sourcing restaurant quality sides and main dishes for chains so kitchen staff can spend their time customizing meals and focusing on speed and service. On top of the labor savings, restaurants and their customers are guaranteed quality, food safety, and consistency in the offerings. Chairmans prepared foods are great additions to menus, and are an even better solution to restaurant bottom lines.

Chain restaurants can rely on Chairmans – with its widespread selection of food products – to provide safe, reliable and deliciously consistent mains, sides, desserts and more to fully satisfy their customers. In addition, Chairmans offers a broad range of packaging options, to include flexible packaging and vacuum pouches – making it easy for restaurant staffs to prepare the products.

With its chain restaurant DNA, Chairmans R&D team developed dozens of items designed to sell and bring customers back again and again. Where diners have needs and chain restaurants seek answers, Chairmans is there!

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Chairmans extensive line up of quality food products are produced, packed and ready to ship to a restaurant’s distributor. Let Chairmans handle the cooking as there’s no need to worry about vacations or sick days, just which day operators want the product.
Chairmans offers chain restaurants the following opportunities to partner and work together:
Proven Products

Chairmans has a long history of producing flavorful protein-based mains, side dishes, soups, desserts, etc. using the highest quality ingredients. Chairmans in-house products are continually being upgraded in line with the latest food and health trends. All ingredients are reliable sourced and Chairmans maintains the highest food safety standards.

Custom Foods Formulation

Chairmans product innovators and chefs work with restaurant operators and their R&D teams to produce high quality mains, sides, and desserts in pre-determined quantities and sizes. Every food item is different and unique, which is why Chairmans has various cooking methods available to create products with precision.

Chairman main dishes and side preparation never calls in sick. They are ready when restaurants need them. Learn more about Chairmans production process and operating procedures or contact Chairmans directly for more information.

Learn more about Chairmans production process and operating procedures or contact Chairmans directly for more information.

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