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Fast-paced, fresh and innovative – check out the perimeter at today’s retail grocers. The action in retail is around the “store ring” with the deli and prepared foods sections attracting all the attention.

Retail grocers offer consumers a full menu of grab-and-go items with cases filled with flavorful, tantalizing bundled meals, soups, sides, and vegetables to accompany rotisserie chicken and proteins.

It’s all about choice and convenience, and retailers can rely on Chairmans – with its widespread selection of food products – to satisfy their consumers. In addition, Chairmans offers a broad range of packaging options, to include flexible packaging and retail tubs – making it easy for retail staffs to display and serve the products.

Retail grocers can also take advantage of Chairmans high quality products to cross-merchandize. Chairmans provides clients with numerous ways to grow their business. Where consumers have needs and retailers seek answers, Chairmans is there! 

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Chairmans excels at providing quality products and utilizing multiple technologies to achieve the highest standard of Food Safety and quality. Every food item is different and unique, which is why Chairmans has various cooking methods available to create products with precision. 
Working with retailers across the country allows Chairmans to gain unique perspectives and experience with the latest food trends and consumer preferences. Chairmans offers retail grocers three opportunities to partner and work together:

Chairmans has a long history of producing flavorful mains, side dishes, soups, desserts, etc. using the highest quality ingredients. Retailers can count on fresh and consistently delicious products that their consumer will not only enjoy, but keep coming back for more. 

private label

Chairmans can also package these appetizing in-house food products and make them available to retailers as private label brands. Retail grocers with strong private label offerings build customer loyalty and increase profits

Custom Formulations

Retail grocers can work with the culinary staff and product innovators at Chairmans to design and deliver customized foods – whether it’s advancing the flavor profile of an existing recipe or matching the current product specs.

Learn more about Chairmans production process and operating procedures or contact Chairmans directly for more information.

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