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The Taco Bar

Taco Bars Take a Bite Out of QSR & Fast Casual

 Consumer demand for new flavors, spicier fare and convenience have resulted in a variety of international dishes emerging on C-store menus. Mexican fare grew on 15.5% of C-store menus in 2019 — more than any other regional cuisine.

Technomic also reports that over 90% of C-stores offer Mexican entrées. Taco Bars provide multiple choices so consumers can customize their meal. Now is the time to merchandise these popular and sizzling hot items.

Tacos to go

Chairmans Foods delivers high-quality components to get a Taco Bar implemented quickly, efficiently, and consistently for C-stores.

Chairmans Foods can fulfill the demand that consumers have for convenient and delicious C-store fare

Chairmans Offers a Full Menu of Ready-to-Heat Sides, Beans, Rice, and Queso to Stock your Taco Bars:

Mexican Street Corn
Charro Beans
Black Beans
Spanish Rice
Brown Rice
White Rice
Traditional Queso Blanco Mild
Traditional Queso Blanco Hot

Why a Taco Bar? Let’s Taco ‘Bout it!

Tacos in a Box To Bo
Chairman's Packaged Meals

Traditional Hispanic foods like tacos and burritos are commonplace for American consumers. Additionally, globally-inspired food trends continue to excite consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z.

Check Out All the Benefits of a Taco Meal:


How and where Americans grab food-to-go has shifted dramatically. C-store taco bars deliver the speed of fast food, but with the flavor mix and quality that consumers demand. 


Tacos are essentially hand food and very easy for people to take back to their home or work or eat in the car.


C-store customers can select their favorite fillers – mixing and matching ingredients to make their own unique creation.


Hispanic foods have become mainstream and continue to grow in demand – thanks in part to the increasing diversity of the U.S. population. The Hispanic community represents nearly one-fifth of the U.S. population, and the U.S. Census Bureau projects it to double to 109 million over the next 40 years.

 Ideal for Meal Kits

Chairmans takes care of the hard work – the slow braising, the chopping and seasoning. Consumers can pick up a ready-made taco kit, complete with all the ingredients for a Mexican feast for a family but without the hassle. It’s a cost efficient way to spice up meal times.

With our extensive and on-trend selection of Latin-inspired, fully-prepared components, we can provide your complete Taco Bar program.


Taco Bars will Deliver Sales!


Turn Everyday into a Taco Tuesday!


Call your Chairmans Foods sales representative today and we can build your C-store Taco Bar or Meal Kit program.

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