Food Production

Chairmans Foods provides retail and foodservice customers with the highest quality food products from two state-of-the-art production facilities.

Chairmans has developed a full menu of core mains, sides, vegetables and more, working closely with clients to craft new food recipes, provide exact matches to current taste profiles, and improve existing formulations. For more than 40 years Chairmans has provided food solutions, delivering consistent, safe, on-time and high quality products.

Cooking Methods

Cooking Methods

Chairmans incorporates industry-leading technologies, utilizing four cooking methods to create products with precision.

Kettle Cooking

Kettle cooking is a simple way to manage the production process of a recipe. Chairmans’ steam-jacketed cook kettles use controlled temperatures with steam to cook food. Kettles are capable of boiling and simmering products such as soups, sauces, and other viscous foods. The large kettles provide uniform heating, cooking, and mixing, ensuring superior delivery of the end product from batch-to-batch.

Sous Vide Cooking

The sous vide cooking technique keeps foods at a constant temperature, sealing in the nutrients, herbs, sauces and flavors. Chairmans batch cooks versus traditional submersion to produce results that are hard to emulate, providing a desired consistency that chefs can count on. Sous vide cooking removes the guesswork, improves yields and retains the natural broths lost in the cooking process, which in the end enhances the flavor of the product.


Chairmans uses a pressure vessel to cook-in-bags and pouches to create delicious foods that are consistent and have the highest standards of food safety. The Chairmans’ team works closely with customers to design tasty food solutions in modern packages to satisfy consumers.

Ready-to-Eat Blending

Ready-to-eat food production is an excellent solution for serve-cold deli food and products, like chicken salad and tuna salad. Made from the freshest ingredients like dressings, meat, fruits, and vegetables, these chilled meals are designed to complement deli menus. The components of ready-to-eat products are prepared with the utmost caution under the strictest food safety conditions. These meals do not require additional preparation and are ready for consumption once distributed. Various packaging options are available to increase product convenience.

Quality Assurance

The entire production staff at Chairmans is committed to delivering the highest-quality products to its customers. From sourcing flavorful ingredients to the final packaging, Chairmans has a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) program in place. To successfully achieve its high quality standards, Chairmans has established a series of testing and accountability procedures overseen by a team of experts.

Packing and Testing

Chairmans Foods conducts regular testing and handling of materials and products to confirm the purity and durability of all ingredients and packaging. By closely scrutinizing each step, Chairmans’ QA staff can identify weaknesses and implement upgrades for safety and quality. Examples of the systems in place for all packaged foods are:

  • Verification/Validation of prerequisite programs and process controls
  • Inspections and audits of facility, personnel, documentation, etc.
  • Organoleptic evaluation or product sensory analysis
  • Analysis of ingredients
  • Fill control
  • First-In / first-out and traceability
  • Allergen management

The QA team has developed these techniques as an essential part of the planning, preparation, and production of Chairmans’ food line. With this experienced staff following established procedures, Chairmans prevents issues and ensures all food products are properly inspected during production and prior to delivery.

Packaging Capabilities

Packaging CapabilitiesChairmans has a broad range of packaging capabilities and production lines that include flexible packaging and retail tubs. Typical volume ranges from 16 to 32 oz cups in retail plastic containers, 3 lbs. Vacuum Pouches and 3-5 lbs. in bags/pouches for foodservice. The foodservice packaging utilizes high-barrier film that has re-therm capabilities, while retail packaging is tamper-evident and easy-open for the end consumer. Package examples are as follows:

Flexible Pouches:

  • Boil-in-Bag
  • Volume fill range (film pouch):  10 – 144 oz.
  • Hot fill
  • Two-part fill
  • Efficient storage

Retail Polypropylene Tubs

  • Hot fill
  • Airtight lid film
  • Volume fill range:  16 – 32 oz.
  • Safety seal
  • Reusable/recyclable
  • BPA Free

Vacuum Pouches

  • Volume fill range:  3 – 5 lbs.
  • Vacuum tight
  • Cook-in technology
  • Boil-in-Bag and microwavable

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Chairmans operates two highly efficient production facilities with a number of capabilities handling sous vide, kettle, and cook-in-bag process as well as ready-to-eat blending. Each operation uses the highest quality ingredients and industry-leading technology.

From its Nashville production facility, Chairmans Foods has been manufacturing both fresh and frozen foods for more 40 years. This facility complies with and exceeds the expectations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The facility is GFSI-Approved with an SQF Level 3 certification.

The Columbus, GA facility is 70,000 sq. feet and has just undergone a major renovation and expansion. This facility complies with and exceeds the expectations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. The facility is GFSI-Approved with an SQF Level 3 certification.

The Opportunity

Chairmans Foods is always looking for opportunities to help clients enhance their product, ingredient and menu selections. Chairmans’ innovative team of experts have created a wide-selection of delicious foods that are sure to impress consumers.

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