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Get Ahead and Innovate with Chairmans Foods

The food industry is defined by evolving movements, trends and fads in consumer eating habits. Restaurants and retailers must constantly review their offerings to ensure it matches what consumers crave. Innovation drives demand, and adaptability is a major key for success in today’s environment. Chairmans Foods places a priority on updating our products to provide our customers everything they need to feature the top food trends. Here are three tasty innovations that our team can bring to YOUR business: Taco Bars: Taco bars are your answer for an inexpensive, easily customizable dining experience. Chairmans Foods offers all the required ingredients –

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Our Commitment to Comfort Food Classics Your Customers Will Love

The allure of comfort food is more than just a tasty meal. A steaming bowl of creamed corn or luscious mashed potatoes alongside fried chicken will always fill the stomach and please the taste buds. Comfort food goes beyond that – it has a unique way of drawing on precious memories of family events and friendly gatherings that many hold dear to the heart. This strong attachment only comes from enjoying quality comfort food that provides the flavors and tastes of beloved homemade recipes. Weak flavors and runny sauces in your comfort food creates a negative dining experience that will

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How Will the Restaurant Industry Look Post COVID-19?

The strict guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic put thousands of restaurants on-hold for months. As the reopening process continues to grow, customers are coming back to dine-in services that look much different than they did before. From waiters with masks to spread out tables, there are a number of noticeable adjustments that many restaurants have made to promote safety. Customers can expect restaurants to feature these safety guidelines for months to come. Industry experts believe that the regulations of the past couple months will impact how operators conduct business going forward – many will continue to adopt public health regulations in

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Complete Your Entrées with Delicious Sides!

Side dishes are incredibly important when crafting or updating your menu. They can truly complement different entrées while adding the necessary nutrition that consumers crave when dining at restaurants. Side dishes can vary in type, from roasted vegetables to creamy mac n cheese. Side items are a key reason for consumers to visit your restaurant. Chairmans Foods provides the solutions to introduce new, delectable offerings for your menu. Chairmans Foods has a vast collection of sides that can complement meat or vegetarian dishes. A garlic basil roasted chicken would go well alongside our seasoned green beans with potatoes or seasoned

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Standardize Your Flavors Across All Locations

It is a challenge for restaurant chains to ensure the same exact flavors for menu items across many different locations. Each individual restaurant has varying factors that can impact the consistency of flavor: different staff, different kitchen design, and fluctuating customer demand by location. Customers that order the same item at different locations and experience dissimilar taste and texture are unlikely to return with their business and could spread negative word of mouth about your chain. Chairmans Foods provides a solution to this difficult problem. We supply a collection of delicious, identically tasting food products that will guarantee consistency at

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Scrumptious Sides Will Form Menu Favorites!

Quality side dishes can make or break a meal. It is important to make sure that your restaurant offers side items that excite customers as soon as they walk in. Side dishes are becoming increasingly popular and should not be the afterthought of a meal. Selecting complementary sides for delicious entrées is the signature of a well-planned dish. Chairmans Foods can provide your restaurant with a variety of different side dishes to complete a scrumptious meal. Our products will save time for your chefs and allow them to focus on the main portion of the dish. Chairmans Foods has many

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How Our Vegetables Can Complete Many Different Meals

Vegetables are an essential part of many popular meals and an important aspect of healthy nutrition. Consumers expect a wide selection of tasty veggies on a restaurant’s menu or the hot bar selection at a grocery store. Adding the ideal side dish can quickly make or break a meal. Chairmans Foods provides a variety of side dishes featuring fresh vegetables that will become customer favorites in any restaurant or grocery retailer. Our vegetable dishes are highlighted by the delicious diversity of our corn options. This ranges from rich creamed corn to Mexican street corn. We also offer straightforward country and

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Chairmans Chicken Dinner

Easily Turning a Single Item into a Delicious Meal

Every day, millions of customers across the country walk into a grocery store searching for the ingredients to cook a specific meal later that night. This process requires a hunt for all of the required foods, and then hours of meal prep once returning home. Cooking homemade meals is a time-consuming and inefficient activity for many people. Chairmans Foods can simplify this process for your valued customers. We offer a collection of delicious, grab-and-go items that make it easy to find and serve the high-quality ingredients necessary for a scrumptious meal. Our ready-to-serve selection of products can lead to hundreds

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