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Add Chicken & Dumplings to YOUR Menu

Add chicken and dumplings to your menu with the help of Chairmans Foods. Read on to learn more! Related: Offer Comforting and Delicious Pot Pies! Chicken and Dumplings Chicken and dumplings are the perfect addition to your menu. They’re a great comfort food and are rich in protein. Check out Chairmans Foods’ product catalog to order quality ingredients for your chicken and dumplings!

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Maintaining Sustainability with Your Operation

Even in the best of times, sustainability can be a challenging factor heaped onto the daily bustle of cafe and restaurant owners. When operators need to take inventory, source food, and budget expenses, it can seem like a lot to ensure all recycling and sustainability efforts are met. Amidst covid? As if owners, operators, and managers didn’t have enough on their plate, COVID has created the additional enormous tasks of overhauling take-out programs, dealing with restrictions, and facing occupancy issues. As daunting as it may seem, sustainability efforts vital now more than ever for restaurants and cafes. Covid has led to

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The Ultimate Comfort Food – Mac n Cheese

Comfort food soothes your soul and lifts your spirits. What better way to perk up your customers’ week than with mac n cheese? This easy recipe is a great addition to any menu in need of variety. Keep reading to learn more about our wholesale grocery offerings! Menu Ideas for Mac n Cheese Boost your menu offerings for the new year with wholesale grocery distributors! Mac n cheese is a tasty addition with the following dishes: Burgers Sliders Greens Shake Up Your Recipe Who says mac n cheese isn’t complex? Shake up your dish with Four Cheese Mac n Cheese

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Offering High Quality Products for our Industrial Customers!

Finding meal solutions post-pandemic with fresh, quality ingredients doesn’t have to be a pain. Chairmans Foods, a wholesale grocery distributor, is here to make your life easier with our impressive product line! You can even add mouth-watering side dishes to your delicious, prepared meals! Leave customers craving your establishment because of our freshly cooked vegetables, hardy rice, tasty mac & cheese, and more. Chairmans maximizes grocery supply performance and safety by having two modern production facilities with experienced production teams. As one of our industrial customers, you can enjoy the benefits of having a long-time trusted supplier, year-round consistency, efficient

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Utilize Chairmans’ Custom Formulation in YOUR Operation!

If you’re needing wholesale grocery distributors that provide the highest quality of fresh offerings, excellent dishes, and a wide selection all at a great price then look no further.  Chairmans Foods is a grocers supply company that your organization needs. The food production at Chairmans is a lengthy process and it’s something that separates them from all of the other wholesale grocery companies around. Related: Choose Chairmans- Consistently Delicious  Their custom formulation process allows their customers to have the freedom to choose what they want in their grocery supply. By offering top of the top chefs and some of the

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Highlight the Menu with Pasta Dishes

Are you looking for something new to add to your menu? Refreshing pasta dishes are a great way to change things up. It’s also affordable and pairs perfectly with lots of seasonal produce. Perfect for Warm Weather As the weather gets warmer, guests are looking for a different kind of comfort food—warm, fresh, and delicious all the same. Pasta is perfect for that. Pasta dishes can also be served with a plethora of toppings. Linguine This popular dish is a great way to highlight red sauces. Angel Hair or Spaghetti pasta works well for this dish, but don’t let that limit

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Chairmans Food Safety

Importance of Food Safety at Chairmans

Food safety is a major priority at Chairmans. Read on to learn how Chairmans Foods, a wholesale grocery distributor, prioritizes food safety. Related: Learn More About Chairmans! Importance of Food Safety Chairmans Foods makes food safety its number one priority. It is FDA and USDA-inspected, and it is certified SQF compliant. Chairmans trains employees in the best food safety practices, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re serving your customers the highest quality foods. Click here to learn why you should choose Chairmans Foods!

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Improving Your Operation’s Sustainability!

Sustainability is an emerging trend in the food industry. Operations use tremendous amounts of energy and produce massive waste. Sustainable operations will find environmentally responsible methods of using energy and eliminating waste. A growing percentage of customers are becoming more educated about the importance of food sustainability. Restaurants that focus on sustainability can increase their sales by attracting these customers that view sustainability as a priority. Limiting food waste is one strategy to improve your restaurant’s sustainability. Restaurant operators use several resources to reduce their waste: Digital Inventory Management Using Ingredients with Upcoming Expiration Dates Donating Extra Food Another strategy

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Learn More About Chairmans!

If you’re looking for a new wholesale grocery supply company, take some time to look into Chairmans Foods. Read on to find out what Chairmans is all about! Related: Food Safety Chairmans Foods Chairmans Foods is a USDA, gold star rated manufacturing plant that produces a wide range of fresh, frozen, and refrigerated food items. Their service consistently delivers quality products to your company’s door. All of their products are packaged and maintained in safe, reliable, state-of-the-art facilities, and environmental sustainability is one of their main priorities. If you’re looking to learn about Chairmans Foods, click here!

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Offer Comforting & Delicious Pot Pies!

Pot pies are the perfect dish for winter weather. Heaps of savory ingredients enclosed in a flaky, buttery crust is comfort in a casserole dish. Chicken is the classic go-to, but you don’t have to stick to the script – branch out and add some other ingredients that will be perfect for your operation. We have the pot pie filling that you can use as is or add other items to your liking! Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie A hearty chicken and mushroom pot pie stewed in a rich, dark stout like Guinness will deepen the flavors and add a

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