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Chairmansfoods Potatoes

Add Mashed Potatoes to Your Plant-Based Dishes!

Nutritional Facts The potato is one of the most popular and healthy vegetables commonly served in meals of all kinds. It has a good source of nutrients, such as vitamin C and vitamin B6, and contains more potassium than a banana in a single serving. As nutrient-dense complex carbohydrates, potatoes are fat, cholesterol, and sodium-free. They are a must-have in any vegetarian diet. Mashed Potatoes Whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any warm family get together, a side of mashed potatoes is always a welcomed sight among the dinner crowd. Often served with gravy drenched all over or off to the

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Chairmans History

The History of Chairmans

Back in 2018, Chairmans Foods took a leap and merged with BDK Foods, creating an ultimate producer of high-quality comfort food. From there, Chairmans strives to deliver these products to restaurants and retail deli operators across the country. Related: Chairmans Perfect Plant-Forward Offerings Chairmans Foods has been operating for over 40 years and is a gold-star rated USDA manufacturing producer of fresh salads and various frozen and refrigerated foods. When Chairmans merged with BDK, it blended more than 15 years of experience with its long-running quality to offer even better delis, grocers, and chain restaurants. The merge also gave them

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Chairmans Plantforward

Chairmans’ Perfect Plant-Forward Offerings!

The plant-forward movement in foodservice continues to grow with health and sustainability at the front of many customer’s minds. Meat-free concepts in restaurants, an influx of vegetarian dishes at fast-casual establishments, and meatless burgers at fast-food spots have helped the plant-based food market expand considerably over the past few years. This shift to plant-forward thinking isn’t a trend—it’s an evolution. Offering plant-forward options on your menu can be intimidating and challenging for restaurant owners, but Chairmans is here to help ease the burden. We offer ready-made, easy to serve, and delicious plant-forward products that are sure to satisfy everyone from

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Chairmans Macncheese

There’s Nothing Better Than Chairmans’ Mac & Cheese!

Everyone loves mac and cheese. From children and adults to self-proclaimed foodies and world-renowned chefs, there aren’t many people who would turn down a plate of well-made mac & cheese. It’s a comfort food staple that’s popular around the world. Creamy, cheesy, and rich? Yes, please. Making mac & cheese is easy, but making the best mac and cheese is a little more difficult. That’s where Chairmans’ Mac & Cheese comes in—the best mac and cheese ready for you to heat and serve! With three recipes to choose from, each one of them will satisfy your customers, and they’ll be sure

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Chairmans Sweet Potatoes

Perfect for Any Occasion – Chairmans’ Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are a delicious option to add to your menu. They can be prepared in a variety of ways. Plus, they are packed full of healthy vitamins and other nutrients. If you want to switch from regular white potatoes, think about adding sweet potatoes –  perfect for any occasion. Luckily, here at Chairmans, we have delicious sweet potatoes that are ready for you to serve to your customers! Add Them To Your Menu Sweet potatoes are the ideal option for a side dish or main course. Their sweetness adds another flavor level to your dishes. Plus, customers love the

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Chairmans Innovations

Take Advantage of Chairmans’ Custom Formulations!

The only way to fully recognize your full business potential is to know your consumer demographic. Who are your consumers? Why would consumers continually choose you instead of competitors? What is your proprietary advantage in attracting and keeping your consumer base? Over 89% of consumers will choose a restaurant based on the quality of the food. And many other consumers will choose a restaurant based on the ambiance, the menu items, and price. The average consumer can buy their food and cook meals in their kitchen. Consumers purchase food from stores or restaurant experiences based on packaging, proprietary recipes, and pricing. Chairmans’

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Chairmans Gravy

The Endless Ways to Use Chairmans’ Delicious Gravies

Nothing says comfort food quite like topping a plate with a rich, creamy gravy. The quickest way to connect with your customers this fall is by offering dishes that highlight some of the best gravies that Chairmans’ has to offer. Country-Style Chicken & Biscuits with Pepper Gravy Showcase your inner southern hospitality by serving everyone’s favorite comfort food—fried chicken. From fast-food burger joints to mom and pop diners, everyone has a version of fried chicken that goes over well with the crowds. Dress yours up with the ultimate comfort food accouterments by adding delicious, flakey biscuits that melt in your

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Screen Shot 2021 08 06 At 9.50.10 Am

Chairmans’ Food Production Process

The food and beverage industry is a stunning testament to the art of teamwork. Chairmans Foods is proud to provide quality dishes to help chefs all over the country create unforgettable menus. Here’s a brief list of our food production process and why we remain a valuable resource for busy restaurants and grocers today: Why Choose Chairmans Foods? Fresh food isn’t enough. We’re have a strict commitment to: Strict food safety guidelines Custom solutions Product development Convenient cooking methods State-of-the-art facilities Cooking Methods Our variety of cooking methods easily slot into your restaurant’s day-to-day activity, no matter the size of

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Chairmans Quesodip

The Many Ways You Can Utilize Chairmans’ Queso!

Food doesn’t get much tastier than a hot cheese dip! This delectable addition adds zest to any menu and gives your customers a fun approach to classic dishes. If you’re looking for some summer ideas to bring in new customers, check out our list below on how our ready-to-use queso can be incorporated into your menu items. Our Dips: Pico Queso Yellow Hot Pepper Chorizo Queso Brisket Queso Breakfast Sausage Queso Blanco Mild Bacon Queso Beer Queso Jalapeno Popper Queso Appetizers Got sliders? Appetizers fare well with our cheese dip because they work up a good appetite and perk up

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Chairmans Tacobar

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Chairmans’ Taco Bar!

Taco bars are one of the most common sights in the United States for a reason. Over 235 million Americans made Mexican food back in 2020, making it a reliable investment for any savvy food business. Mexican Food Is An American Mainstay With its close proximity to Mexico and love for varied cultural cuisine, America has long since been a fan of Mexican food. Chairmans’ foods offers all the basics of classic Mexican cuisine, including: Mexican street corn Brown rice White rice Black beans Charro beans Mexican Food Is Zesty And Healthy Why do people love Mexican food so much?

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