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A Mix of Delicious Potatoes for Warming Winter Dishes

Potato dishes have always been one of the most popular meals in the colder months of the year. Thanks to their versatility, their high-frost tolerance, and their readability in most regions of the world, many restaurant owners have decided to add them to their menu. Benefits of adding a type of potato dish to your menu include: Great dish to deliver warmth Great side to a bunch of different proteins Can be enjoyed with different sauces and gravies to offer customers different flavor profiles Type of Potato Dishes Chairmans offers: Mashed Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes Sweet Potatoes Related: Add Mashed Potatoes to

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Braised Beef Short Ribs

A Comfort Dish that Utilizes Vegetables!

Now that winter is almost upon us, customers want fare that features all the delicious vegetables of the fall and winter. Considering only one in ten Americans get enough fruits and vegetables, this is an excellent way to offer a menu item that’s as needed as it is tasty. This short rib recipe is paired with spring vegetables, including carrots, garlic cloves, green beans, and corn. These vegetables are an excellent way to lighten the hardiness of the stew. The ribs call for some essential ingredients besides the vegetables, including: Bottle dry red wine bay leaves parsley sprigs thyme sprigs

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Chairmans Gravy

Sausage Gravy for a Rich, Flavorful Thanksgiving

If you’re looking to create a rich, flavorful Thanksgiving experience at your restaurant, sausage gravy is the answer. Sausage gravy is like regular gravy, but with an extra kick. Read on to learn how sausage gravy helps take Thanksgiving dishes to the next level. Related: Chairmans’ Products Mashed Potatoes No Thanksgiving meal is complete without mashed potatoes. However, mashed potatoes on their own can taste a bit bland. Pour on some sausage gravy to take your potatoes to the next level. Stuffing Stuffing is a classic Thanksgiving side dish. Adding sausage gravy to your stuffing will add a new dimension of

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Closeup Of Golden Brown Chicken Pot Pie With Vegetables Flat Lay

Warm and Comforting Chicken Pot Pie for 2022!

Bring in the new year right, with a hearty delicious classic. Pot pies have mixed origins but all reflect a type of meat pie from various areas. They are simple, hearty, and can feed a family. The American classic incorporates a flakey pastry both on top and on the bottom. We have created the most delicious homemade chicken pot pie filling for you to utilize in your operation. We use fresh, boneless chicken breast, with carrots, peas, celery, onion, and of course chicken broth and butter. This will be sure to WOW your customers during the cold weather months. All

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Why Stuffing is the Best Thanksgiving Dish

Stuffing is one of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes. Each year, about 50 percent of Americans put stuffing in their Thanksgiving birds. But, what’s so great about stuffing? Why is it the best Thanksgiving dish? Read on to find out. Unique Taste One of the reasons stuffing is the best Thanksgiving dish is because it has a unique flavor. While recipes vary, the main ingredients typically consist of bread, eggs, butter, chicken, sage, and poultry seasoning. This makes for a delicious side dish or main dish. Stuffing also goes great alongside a hearty helping of mashed potatoes. Rich Flavor and

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Cinnamon Apples: The Perfect Dish for Fall

Fall is here with all its trappings—leaves turning brilliant colors in the trees, cold air nipping at your fingers, and a fresh apple harvest ready to serve to your customers! And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to introduce our cinnamon apples as a standout side dish. Cinnamon Apples for the Holidays Chilly weather brings cravings for comfort foods. Science can prove it: the colder it gets outside, the more we crave sugar, fat, and carbs. So it’s no surprise that so many staples of the traditional Thanksgiving meal are comfort food. Our cinnamon apples are the perfectly

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Common Misconceptions in the Kitchen

Restaurants create many dishes based on traditional wisdom passed down for years. From boiling water to chopping vegetables, there are dozens of common practices that are held in high regard among chefs throughout the country. These practices are rarely disputed, and many restaurants continue to handle ingredients in this manner. However, recent findings suggest that several established food preparation strategies are actually counter-productive. Chefs can improve the quality of their dishes by experimenting with innovative, new cooking methods. Check out this video by Big Think that challenges and “debunks” several established methods of food preparation: Your restaurant can use these

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Cinnamon Apples: The Perfect Dish for Fall

What’s the best thing about fall? It’s apple season! Move over, pumpkin spice—cinnamon apples are stealing the spotlight for restaurants across the US this fall season. Cinnamon apples are loved by people of all ages, and they’re a healthy, delicious fall menu staple item. And, best of all, you can incorporate them into a wide variety of dishes that can easily fit into any menu for any restaurant. Related: Charimans’ Specialty Entrees For breakfast dishes, cinnamon apples make for a great side dish by themselves, or you can use them as toppers for pancakes and waffles, adding a fall twist

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Chairmans Foodwaste

How to Slash Your Food Waste

Excessive food waste is a significant problem for foodservice operators. Restaurants that have tremendous food waste could be using their money in a more effective manner. This includes investing in resources to improve the business, such as new technology or advanced appliances. Food waste also has a major impact on costs. Restaurants that utilize efficient strategies to control food waste will experience lower costs and greater profit margin on their sales. Here are six tips to cut down on food waste: Upgrade Equipment Limit Portions Review Menu Items Stock Ingredients Efficiently Communicate with your Distributor Increase Donations Contact Chairmans Foods for

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Chairmans Italian Sauces

Utilize Chairmans’ Delicious Italian Sauces!

Pizza and pasta may rank among American’s top comfort foods, but even serving the foods that your customers crave the most won’t earn you repeat business if you’re cooking with sauces that are bland or inconsistent in quality. At Chairmans Foods, we make Italian sauces that are both delicious and consistently high quality, so you can serve your customers the best every time they visit. Our Italian Sauces Alfredo Sauce Rich and creamy, our alfredo sauce pairs perfectly with fettuccine, but you can also pour it over broccoli or asparagus to create a tasty side dish or serve it as

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