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Food Safety

Safe Food is Job 1

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are responsible for ensuring food sold in the United States is safe and properly labeled. Chairmans Foods works closely with the USDA, FDA, and other third-party certifiers to achieve all HACCP standards and to implement all new compliance regulations immediately.

Food Production Quailty Assurance

At Chairmans’ three facilities, the company has over 30 years of certifications and recognitions for quality and safety to include:

  • Chairmans Foods Columbus, GA – SQF Certified since 2010
  • Chairmans Foods Nashville, TN – SQF Certified since 2013
  • Chairmans Foods Atlanta, GA – BRC Certified since 2016

A key operating principle at Chairmans is safety at all levels – for the employees in the workplace as well as for the food they make.

As overseen by the Environmental Health & Safety Supervisor, Chairmans quality assurance team works diligently to ensure the safety and quality of its food products are at the highest standards. This commitment includes:

  • Grade A ingredients
  • All ingredient vendors must be  approved through third party audit
    • Ingredient vendors are required to follow our strict quality guidelines and controls
    • Foreign Supplier Verification (FSMA)
  • Utilize off-site lab that is ISO 17025 accredited to ensure highest standards of quality everyday

The entire staff at Chairmans is focused on unwavering food safety processes and dedicated to continuous improvement so all customers can be confident in the company’s product integrity and safety. Chairmans has had this commitment for more than 45 years and continues a strict adherence to food safety every single day.


Certified SQF compliant SQF Level 3 certification

FDA and USDA inspected

FDA and USDA inspected

Approved for child nutrition program

Approved for child nutrition program

Meets Department of Defense standards

Third-party audits, such as Yum! Brands

Gold Plate Award of Recognition from Food Marketing Institute Foundation

Gold Plate Award from Food Marketing Institute Foundation

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