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Custom Formulation

Chairmans Foods provides clients with a unique process to deliver customized foods that are full of flavor and made from the highest quality ingredients.

Whether it’s collaborating on a new proprietary product or exact duplication of a client’s recipe, Chairmans’ culinary staff and production teams have the experience, imagination, and skills to handle any project. They take a strategic approach to the research and development process to help clients obtain a format that fulfills their needs.

Developing New Products

Custom FormulationsIn food processing, there are many different ways to achieve a desired product. The food scientists and chefs at Chairmans have adopted a collaborative approach to ensure clients have more control over the final outcome. If clients are searching to develop a recipe from scratch, Chairmans’ team of experts will work with them to analyze and produce a unique blend of ingredients and packaging to fulfill their needs. The culinary staff then helps refine and standardize recipes based on the customer’s expectations. Various specialists within the culinary team are available to ensure the process runs smoothly, to include:


  • Extensive innovation pipeline – over 80 vetted concepts and products
  • On-trend products and ingredients
  • Consumer testing, internal ideation, focus groups, co-development


  • Help develop and maintain label claims, NFP’s (Nutritional Facts Panels) and desirable ingredient statements
  • HACCP, food safety and USDA/FDA expertise


  • Assist in formulation and application
  • Help with ingredient and packaging sourcing
  • Develop procedures, back-of-the-house prep sheets and specifications


  • Create new formulas and modify current products to fit within process capabilities
  • Chairmans Foods has working relationships with strategic supply partners for functional ingredients and packaging
  • Co-development and nimble execution for flavors and food ingredients with industry leading suppliers

The culinary staff also has access to the same machinery and processes as the production team, which allows for a streamlined, scale-up ready development process. This ensures consistency and creates a smooth transition from start to finish. It’s 100% collaboration – as the staff assists customers from concept to launch. In addition, the culinary staff is extremely conscientious about staying within the project guardrails and exceeding customer expectations – on time, within budget and matching criteria.

Product Development of Existing Recipes

Whether it’s advancing the flavor profile of an existing recipe or matching the current product specs, Chairmans creates dishes that are designed to be a hit with consumers. Chairmans has a systematic approach in its collaboration effort with customers:

The culinary and technical staff review the current product or need and de-construct it. They review the recipe, processing time, methods, and intangibles that create this unique finished product and then determine the best course of action.

Test Production
Chairmans reverse-engineers, vets the application, creates and perfects the formula, and then performs any necessary equipment testing. Tests are repeated to ensure consistency and adherence to desired product attributes. In the end the consumers, staff and management perceive parity or better.

Combining and balancing flavors is a complex process, but critical for producing the desired product. With profile matching, clients can utilize the success of popular flavors and ingredients by coupling them with their own unique ingredients, ideas or formulas. Chairmans’ culinary and technical experts can provide valuable insights and industry-leading techniques in order to successfully adjust:

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Consistency
  • Flavor
  • Physical Make-up
  • Application

Once the formula is finalized and testing is complete, Chairmans works with clients to create the most efficient processes that maintain the functionality and flavor of the original or desired product. Chairmans staff then collaborates with clients to determine ideal packaging type and size.

Quality Assurance
The QA process sets parameters for regular testing of the recipe match, pathogens and certifications. Chairmans then ensures the product is produced at the highest level of food safety and consistency, so that the end result is the same day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year.

Qualified Minimums

Chairmans Foods is efficient! Chairmans understands that to earn new business, it must produce consistent quality at a competitive price. In order to stay efficient on custom offerings, Chairmans has minimum order quantities of 250,000 lbs.

The Opportunity

Chairmans Foods is always looking for opportunities to help clients enhance their product, ingredient and menu selections. Chairmans’ innovative team of experts have created a wide-selection of delicious foods that are sure to impress consumers.

Contact Chairmans directly for more information.

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