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Industrial Customers

Serving the food industry for more than 40 years, Chairmans prides itself in providing the highest quality food products to industrial customers.

With the growing popularity of prepared meals and the Home Meal Replacement set, Chairmans product line has a wide selection of offerings for manufacturers looking for meal solutions. Our cooked vegetables, mac & cheese, rice, and other side dishes are all great additions to prepared meals as well as excellent complements to a main entrée. Our sauces and fillings round out an extensive set of options for prepared meals or kits. Check out the complete list of Chairman’s food products.

Chairmans produces food at two state-of-the-art production facilities. Throughout the years the plants have been continually upgraded with the latest technology from initial storage through packaging. The production teams are experienced and caring to maximize efficiency, quality, and safety at each facility. In addition, Chairmans meticulously sources ingredients and ensures they’re properly maintained to get the most out of every recipe.

The key benefits of working with Chairmans include:

  • Innovative culinary and technical staff that excels in collaboration
  • Proven methodology for efficient, cost effective production
  • Long-time trusted supplier
  • Year-round consistency

Industrial Food Prep

Learn more about Chairmans production process and operating procedures or contact Chairmans directly for more information.

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