Consumers’ Thoughts on Plant-Based Food


Whether consumers identify as vegan, vegetarian, or not, they are showing more interest in plant-based foods. More than half of American households bought plant-based foods last year. Package labels are partly responsible, as “plant-based” labels are much more inclusive than “vegan” and “vegetarian” claims. There are several perks that have consumers reaching for plant-based products, […]

Utilize Chairmans’ Irresistible Queso!

Mexican Hot Queso Cheese Dip With Corn Tortilla Chips On Plate

Queso can be used as a dip, the perfect winter appetizer for your customers. It is tasty, creamy, and will stir their appetite before the entree. Queso can also be used in different comfort dishes to make it an unforgettable addition to your patrons’ meal. We offer three types of Queso: Queso Blanco Premium Queso […]

The Healthiest Vegetables to Add to Your Diets!

Louis Hansel 2s9tcixpesi Unsplash

We all know that eating more vegetables is good for you, we also know that it’s hard to eat the same thing every single day. The other downside with eating the same thing every day means you won’t get a variety of nutrients. Here are our top pics to start off 2022 with some healthy veggies […]