Chairmans Foods Continuing Actions Regarding COVID-19

To: Our Valued Customers

As communities re-open, be assured that Chairmans Foods is taking a strict approach toward safety. We continue to uphold our rigorous policies and procedures for the protection of our employees, customers and products. We remain committed to safety through our processes and people.

We are continuing to take the following actions:


  • Maintaining strict hygiene policies
  • Increasing disinfecting measures
  • Monitoring employee temperatures daily
  • Distancing employees (one employee per 1,000 square feet)
  • Wearing face masks/shields
  • Reminding employees of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Communicating frequently with employees regarding latest safety measures
  • Ensuring employees take the recommended time off if exposed to COVID-19 and follow CDC guidelines for returning to work
  • Using our multi-plant production to provide redundant capabilities, if needed
  • Screening and limiting visitors, including customer visits, delivery drivers, service technicians and contractors

We understand these are challenging times, but we are here to support our customers and make sure our communities are fed. We are committed to leading the way safely for our customers, employees and communities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We are excited to introduce these updates. If you have any questions or concerns, your Chairmans Foods sales representative will be happy to help. 

Be Well. Eat Well. Stay Safe.

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