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Comforting Sides for the Winter!

Chairmans Foods Mashed Potatoes

The winter months mean colder weather and more time spent indoors. We do our best to get cozy and eat plenty of good food. Certain foods, known as comfort foods, provide us with temporary feelings of well-being. Psychologists say that foods high in carbs, sugar, fat, and salt stimulate the brain’s reward system. This is where we feel pleasure and satisfaction. Comfort food makes us feel good.

Here are a few examples of comfort foods that we can assist you in offering for your customers:

All of the different potatoes and starches we offer make great comfort foods. This high-carb treat will make you feel relaxed and right all over.

Mac & Cheese
The king of all comfort foods, mac & cheese, reigns supreme. Whether it’s the filling pasta, or the yummy cheeses, or even the smooth texture, we don’t know – but it’s a wintertime crowd-pleaser! We have a few different types for you to choose from that will be ready-made for you to heat and serve.

We provide high-quality products, fair prices, and excellent customer service. We can make your life easier by providing ready-made dishes. Contact Chairmans Foods to place your orders!

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