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Consumer Grocery Trends from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way millions of people shop for groceries. It is imperative that retail grocers stay at the forefront of new advancements and top trends to deliver their customers maximum value.

Here are 5 trends from the pandemic that retail grocers must be aware of:

The effectiveness of apps – Mobile applications are an effective platform to display product information and provide digital shortcuts that improve the virtual grocery shopping experience.

Optimization of picking virtual orders – Fulfilling a high volume of e-commerce orders can be an inefficient process that crowds aisles for your in-person shoppers. Weigh the pros and cons of establishing a separate room or area to manage the fulfillment of online orders.

The importance of a resourceful digital platform for your customers – Robust online platforms that help plan meals, navigate recipes, and offer personalized recommendations will improve the shopping experience for your customers.

The growing popularity of grocery pickup – Grocery pickup has exploded since the start of the pandemic. Many prefer it to delivery because of the reduced cost and increased control of when they receive their items.

Continued development of delivery – Delivery continues to play a significant role in the online grocery shopping experience. Expect intense competition from industry-leading delivery services looking to enter the industry.

For more information on these trends, please read on at Grocery Dive.

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