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Heat Up Your Summer with Quality Queso!

Chairmans Foods Queso

Dipping sauces are always in-season! Here’s why you should heat up your menu with queso offerings:

Queso & Its Benefits

Dipping sauces hit that perfect balance between tasty and fun. You can pair queso with a variety of finger foods like chips, vegetables, sliders, and grilled cheese slices.

Surprisingly, queso can deliver several health benefIts depending on the ingredients you serve it with:

  • Vitamin D from the cheese’s dairy foundation
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants from additions like tomatoes and onions
  • Vitamin A and potassium from green and red peppers
  • Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamins in cilantro
  • Antibiotic and heart-healthy properties of garlic

Why stop at just dipping? Encourage your customers to drizzle queso over tacos and quesadillas to give them an extra pop of flavor. We offer a complete lineup of quesos with different flavor profiles. From yellow hot pepper to blanco mild, we have a tasty option for every eating preference.

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Our queso is an all-in-one package: just heat, pour, and serve and enjoy consistent queso sauce batch after batch.

Contact Chairmans Foods today and delight your customers with the hottest queso offerings in town!

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