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Highlight the Menu with Pasta Dishes


Are you looking for something new to add to your menu? Refreshing pasta dishes are a great way to change things up. It’s also affordable and pairs perfectly with lots of seasonal produce.

Perfect for Warm Weather

As the weather gets warmer, guests are looking for a different kind of comfort food—warm, fresh, and delicious all the same. Pasta is perfect for that. Pasta dishes can also be served with a plethora of toppings.


This popular dish is a great way to highlight red sauces. Angel Hair or Spaghetti pasta works well for this dish, but don’t let that limit your creativity. Use our Vodka or Marinara sauce — just heat and serve!

Chicken Alfredo

Offer a delicious and comforting dish like alfredo with fresh chicken! Use penne, fettuccine, or tortellini with our homemade Alfredo sauce.

No matter what pasta dish you decide to add to your menu, be sure to use the freshest ingredients. Chairmans Foods has everything you need for these delights.

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