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How Things Could Change for Businesses Post-COVID

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The world seemed to shift overnight as COVID-19 caused chaos to many industries. The restaurant industry is no different. COVID-19 changed how the food industry operated and how curbside service, delivery options, and food and employee safety operations.

Third-party delivery services have shifted to touchless options to help keep customers safe. Restaurants that adapt to offering delivery through these options can help to support small businesses running.

Some restaurants have used COVID-19 as an opportunity to showcase their sustainability. Restaurants also were able to invest in pick-up window options into new or existing buildings. Concepts to reduce dining room seating also was altered to accommodate CDC recommendations.

Employees have also shifted the way they work. Employees have their temperatures checked before shifts to ensure safety. It is forecasted that restaurants may see an increase in sales growth as customers look for relief through discounted offerings.

Some restaurants have also limited their menu and have begun to utilize local produce and other sourcing. 

Offering a slice of normality during these trying times restaurants is a silver lining. As restaurants adapt to the changing times and regulations, they are finding new and creative ways to get delicious food into hungry people’s hands.

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