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IDDBA Show 2022: Recap and Trends

Chairmans IDDBA Show 2022

With the show suspended for two years, this year’s IDDBA show was like a family reunion. And speaking of family reunions, Chairmans Foods rolled out its expanded family of brands for the show.

Since the last IDDBA show, Chairmans acquired: Gordo’s – the no.1 brand of Queso in retail – Authentic Mexican restaurant-style, ready-to-eat, packaged Cheese Dips in four fabulous flavors sold in retail stores nationwide, Queso Mama, ready-to-serve White Queso dips in a variety of flavor and ingredient combinations available at many retail stores around the country, Mrs. Grissom’s – 60 years of providing a range of prepared, packaged chicken, ham and tuna salads, pimento cheese, cheese spreads, and dips available at retail locations, and Urban Fork – Chairmans’ answer to build entrée sales in the deli – Premium culinary-quality packaged vegetable and starch side dishes to accompany retail sales of RTE roasted chicken and other proteins in the deli or grocery prepared food departments.

There were three different trends that were noticed at the IDDBA show. These include:

  1. Plant-based is still small. IDDBA was not the show for plant-based dairy and meat. The few exhibitors in this space got lost among the many, many real cheese, real dairy and real meat exhibitors.
  2. Keto-friendly continues to gain traction. Most of these products rely on real dairy. And, of course, all real meat is keto friendly.
  3. American foods matter – domestically produced real foods are comforting, satisfying, produced with a higher level of food safety and don’t require expensive and unreliable ocean freight.

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