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Innovative Ideas for Retailers to Enhance Online Grocery Shopping

The prevalence of online grocery shopping has exploded since the start of the pandemic. A large group of consumers have become more and more comfortable placing grocery orders online in an attempt to limit their exposure away from home. Grocery retailers have a significant opportunity to reach customers through this new channel by offering an innovative and efficient digital platform.

Here are 4 keys for grocers to enhance the digital shopping experience:

  1. Focus on transparency: Nielsen has projected that 64% of the U.S. population follows some form of a restrictive diet. When online shopping, customers want access to all the nutritional information they normally get from analyzing the label in-person. Retailers must find easy ways to provide this crucial information on a digital platform for online shoppers.
  2. Highlight healthy food options: A recent study analyzing grocery purchasing patterns during the pandemic determined more consumers are buying foods that promote a healthy immune system. Retailers will benefit from showcasing healthy options and making it simple to browse and find specific health-conscious items.
  3. Convenience, Convenience, Convenience: The pandemic introduced millions to online shopping. To maximize customer satisfaction, the online grocery shopping process must mirror traditional shopping as much as possible. Retailers will succeed by offering a shopping experience with simple website navigation, clear access to ingredient information, and guided search browsers that make it easy to find any product.
  4. Learn from Consumer Interaction: The best way to improve the digital grocery shopping process is by listening to your customers. Find out what they liked, disliked and any suggestions to improve the experience. Learning from these valuable customer insights will play a key role in grocery retailers optimizing their online shopping service.

A successful online grocery platform relies on simplicity and convenience – focusing on those key aspects is a surefire method to improve digital grocery sales.

Regardless of whether it’s in person or digital, customers expect quality food for delicious meals. With Chairmans Foods, nutritious meals for the entire family has never been easier. We offer a collection of speciality entrées and scrumptious sides that provide robust flavor and nutritional benefits. The combinations of tasty entrées and sides is endless with Chairmans – dozens of wholesome meals promised to delight your customers this summer!

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