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Meals At-Home Promise to Bolster Grocery Sales in 2021

The 2021 landscape of the retail grocery industry looks as promising as ever. It is likely that more consumers will look to limit their meals out in 2021, as the impact of the pandemic is projected to continue hurting wages. The average spend per meal at home ranges from $8-$10, and with roughly 130 million U.S. households, the grocery industry is primed to have another huge year of sales.

Chairmans Foods has exactly what you are looking for…all the fixin’s for tasty meals at home. Our full line of specialty entrées, vivacious veggies, soups & chili, and side dishes feature all the wholesome and quality comfort food for dozens of convenient dinners this winter and beyond. Look for our tasty solutions at your favorite retail grocer.

Read the full article at Supermarket News.

Watch the video below for more information from SuperMarket News about the grocery industry in 2021.

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