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Embrace These Tips to Succeed through COVID-19

October 2020 marks the 8th month that the COVID-19 pandemic will impact dozens of industries. From employees donning face coverings and a dramatic pivot towards to-go ordering, foodservice looks much different than it did in February.

Businesses that have succeeded through the pandemic quickly adapted to the new “normal” and continued providing value to their customers. Here are helpful tips that foodservice operators and employees must embrace to effectively operate through COVID-19 health measures:

  • Expect COVID-based changes to be in place for the long-term
  • Demonstrate how you are operating safely
  • Focus on employee training
  • Develop safer ways to serve your customers
  • Utilize your digital platform
  • Grow your number of suppliers and vendors
  • Upgrade your crisis plan

These strategies will play a key role in helping your business safely operate, reach more customers, and succeed through the pandemic.

From foodservice operators to retail grocers, the importance of serving delicious meals that keep your customers coming back has never been more important. Chairmans Foods offers the quality products to easily put together meals the entire family will love. Hearty entrées, vivacious veggies, scrumptious sides – everything you need for a convenient, delicious plate of wholesome comfort food.

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For detailed information about these COVID-19 tips, please read more at FSR Magazine.

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