Meals At-Home Promise to Bolster Grocery Sales in 2021

The 2021 landscape of the retail grocery industry looks as promising as ever. It is likely that more consumers will look to limit their meals out in 2021, as the impact of the pandemic is projected to continue hurting wages. The average spend per meal at home ranges from $8-$10, and with roughly 130 million U.S. households, the […]

Count on Chairmans for Tasty Holiday Feasts this December!

The holiday season brings a heavy focus on colder weather, family, and most importantly, food! Now is the time to enjoy all the beloved flavors that are saved for November and December each year. At Chairmans Foods, we offer a full line of delicious wholesome and quality comfort foods that promise to delight this December. […]

Ensure Your Employees Are Supported During The Pandemic

The COVID pandemic has taken its toll on businesses and their employees, adding more stress, decreasing morale, and disrupting cohesion. By supporting your employees during the pandemic, you’ll promote a safer, happier work environment. Ways You Can Support Your Employees During the Pandemic There are several ways you can support your employees in a meaningful way during […]

Strategies for Restaurants to Increase Sales

Despite our new normal, this is the time of year people love to eat out. Here are a few tips to help increase sales during this time and all the time. Go the extra mile and set up online ordering. Many customers want to be out, but many still do not feel safe to do […]

Many Shelf-Stable Products See Strong Sales Growth in 2020

Grocery stores and foodservice operators have seen consistent fluctuation in demand through the COVID-19 pandemic. Varying levels of lockdown and quarantine have impacted how, and where, consumers are eating their meals. The start of the pandemic brought a shift within the supply chain, as many grocers faced shortages due to heavy demand and hoarding from […]

Queso, Queso, and More Queso!

Hispanic-style food is booming with popularity. C-stores continue to add fresh taco bars throughout the country and many restaurants rely on nachos and chips to bolster their appetizer menu. There is one easy way to instantly improve any taco bar or appetizer menu…queso! Queso is a customer favorite that adds rich flavor in every bite. […]

Consumer Grocery Trends from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way millions of people shop for groceries. It is imperative that retail grocers stay at the forefront of new advancements and top trends to deliver their customers maximum value. Here are 5 trends from the pandemic that retail grocers must be aware of: The effectiveness of apps – Mobile applications are […]

Comfort Classics from Chairmans!

It’s that time of the year again! Fall brings cooler temperatures, leaves on the ground, and a burning desire for a hearty meal every night. Easy dinners are becoming more and more valuable, as hours of Zoom meetings or digital classes can be a tremendous energy drain. Bringing home a meal for the entire family […]

2020 is the Year of Comfort Food

2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. To get through the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, new data suggests people have turned to food, and more specifically, comfort food. A new study, surveying the food habits of 2,000 Americans, found that comfort food is more popular than ever. 66% of respondents […]

Create a Hearty Breakfast with Chairmans!

Although we have now entered fall and everything it has to offer: colder weather, spooky nights, and everything pumpkin, breakfast continues to be a staple that everyone looks forward to each morning. It starts the day off right and leaves you satisfied for hours, giving you the nutrients to get everything you need to do. […]