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The plant-forward movement in foodservice continues to grow with health and sustainability at the front of many customer’s minds.

Meat-free concepts in restaurants, an influx of vegetarian dishes at fast-casual establishments, and meatless burgers at fast-food spots have helped the plant-based food market expand considerably over the past few years.

This shift to plant-forward thinking isn’t a trend—it’s an evolution. Offering plant-forward options on your menu can be intimidating and challenging for restaurant owners, but Chairmans is here to help ease the burden.

We offer ready-made, easy to serve, and delicious plant-forward products that are sure to satisfy everyone from the pickiest vegetarians to people who are just venturing into the plant-forward space.

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Our plant-forward offerings include restaurant favorites like Italian green beans and whole baby carrots that you can incorporate into just about any menu. We also offer menu staples like collard greens, turnip greens, and okra and tomatoes. Other popular plant-forward foods include blackeye peas, country cream corn and creamed corn, creamed spinach, and kernel and Mexican street corn.

Ready to impress your guests with a menu full of plant-forward offerings? Choose Chairmans Foods—Your customers won’t leave disappointed!

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