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The History of Chairmans

Chairmans History

Back in 2018, Chairmans Foods took a leap and merged with BDK Foods, creating an ultimate producer of high-quality comfort food. From there, Chairmans strives to deliver these products to restaurants and retail deli operators across the country.

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Chairmans Foods has been operating for over 40 years and is a gold-star rated USDA manufacturing producer of fresh salads and various frozen and refrigerated foods.

When Chairmans merged with BDK, it blended more than 15 years of experience with its long-running quality to offer even better delis, grocers, and chain restaurants. The merge also gave them more flexibility for their customers across the nation. Now, Chairmans offers the same high-quality ingredients packed expertly to serve customers of all sizes.

Chairmans works closely with its clients to make sure that everything exceeds all expectations. This helps restaurant owners transform their menu dreams into a reality.

With a full menu and various meal options, Chairmans offers something that customers are proud to serve to their guests. Chairmans is pleased to say that they still continue to treat their customers like family and showcase what its network has to offer.

Become part of the Chairman’s family today. Call us today to learn more about our offerings.

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