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Cinnamon Apples…The Perfect Sweet for Any Occasion

Wholesome and quality comfort food is the standard at Chairmans Foods. Our products are easy to use, convenient, and delicious, delivering high quality solutions for retail grocers, chain restaurants, and other industrial customers. Looking to treat your customers to a sweet indulgence this summer? Look no further than our mouthwatering cinnamon apples.

Dessert Offerings from Chairmans

Pre-made dishes take all the guesswork out of your desserts. The cinnamon apples from Chairmans Foods can be used in a variety of tasty ways. These apples can be added to pre-made pie shells or heated up to spread over cold ice cream.

Great for Summer

Summertime and cinnamon apples are the perfect pair. There are dozens of delectable warm-weather treats that will benefit from the addition of our cinnamon apples. This versatile product can be enjoyed as a sweet indulgence in the morning or evening.

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Simple, Signature Flavor

The signature taste of our cinnamon apples promises to delight in every bite. The simple, yet delicious flavor profile in these apples delivers extreme versatility. Few products can be enjoyed as a breakfast side or highlighted as a dessert special quite like our tasty cinnamon apples.

Want some delicious, fresh food products from a customer-focused supplier? Chairmans Foods has a wide variety of high-quality items, from comfort food classics to delicious desserts.

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