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Ensure Your Employees Are Supported During The Pandemic

The COVID pandemic has taken its toll on businesses and their employees, adding more stress, decreasing morale, and disrupting cohesion. By supporting your employees during the pandemic, you’ll promote a safer, happier work environment.

Ways You Can Support Your Employees During the Pandemic

There are several ways you can support your employees in a meaningful way during the pandemic:

Show Appreciation

Make sure to recognize your employees with praise and appreciation for all they are doing.

Communicate and Collaborate Safely

To make sure everyone is socially distant and safe, utilize alternative communication channelsOSHA recommends everyone covers coughs and sneezes and engages in regular hand washing. The CDC also outlines how to have a safe communication plan.

Promote Self Care

It’s essential to support your employee’s mental health as much as physical. The Harvard Business Review lists eight ways to support an employee’s mental health.

Ask Questions

Ask questions to provide individualized support. Find out how they are doing or how their families are holding up and learn more about their preferences, needs, and circumstances.

Be Patient

To be more supportive, remember to be patient and offer flexibility. With how everything is uncertain and continually changing, it will take a lot of patience.

Follow Proper Protocols

By following the proper protocols recommended by the CDC, you’ll create a safer environment for your employees. It will show that you value their safety as you strive to continue operating.

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