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Strategies for Restaurants to Increase Sales

Despite our new normal, this is the time of year people love to eat out. Here are a few tips to help increase sales during this time and all the time.

  • Go the extra mile and set up online ordering. Many customers want to be out, but many still do not feel safe to do so. Convenience has always been a significant driver in sales, and online ordering is 26% more lucrative than walk-in or call-in orders.  
  • Also, in the name of convenience, up your technology game. Tech-savvy customers want to engage with tech even in their dining experience. Consider online bookings, online ordering (even for dining-in experiences), and online payment options. Your customers love their devices and are 36% more likely to use tech than just two years ago. 
  • Introduce an exciting new menu. Recent trends show that more people are demanding plant-based options. It’s not as challenging as you might think. At Chairmans Foods, we have delicious meat-free options you can add to your menu.

When it comes to increasing sales, you have to be creative, watch the trends, and see what works. 

If you’re looking for wholesome and quality comfort food that will delight the entire family, call Chairmans Foods today!

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