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The food industry is defined by evolving movements, trends and fads in consumer eating habits. Restaurants and retailers must constantly review their offerings to ensure it matches what consumers crave. Innovation drives demand, and adaptability is a major key for success in today’s environment.

Chairmans Foods places a priority on updating our products to provide our customers everything they need to feature the top food trends. Here are three tasty innovations that our team can bring to YOUR business:

  • Taco Bars: Taco bars are your answer for an inexpensive, easily customizable dining experience. Chairmans Foods offers all the required ingredients – shredded meat, Spanish Rice, zesty yellow queso – to enjoy the scrumptious tastes of authentic Mexican cuisine. Americans ate 4.5 billion tacos in 2019…start appealing to those customers!
  • Plant-Based Items: The plant-based diet has drastically altered consumer eating habits. More and more people are enjoying meatless meals on a daily basis, regardless of their status as a vegetarian or carnivore. We carry delicious products from Beyond Meats as well as a collection of tasty, vivacious veggies that make it simple to grow your range of plant-based meals.
  • Take-Home Meal Kits: Many consumers are using the increased time at home to experiment with new foods and meals from the comfort of their own kitchen. Our selection of delicious meal kits will entice your customers with the joy of cooking from home while promising tremendous, rich flavors.

From tasty taco bars to hearty shepherd’s pie meal kits, Chairmans Foods is your partner for custom solutions that highlight all the hottest trends in food! Contact us today for more information about our innovative product line.

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