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How Grocery Shopping Has Changed during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought tremendous change to traditional grocery shopping. From required face-coverings to one-way aisles, grocery retailers have adapted to serve their customers safely and effectively. As retailers have focused on proper safety precautions, studies have reported significant change in consumer buying habits. The pandemic has radically changed where, what, and how people purchase groceries, and it is up to retailers to stay aware of these changes and deliver the value their customers are looking for.

A new report from The Food Industry Association’s annual U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends study analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on grocery shopping behavior. Here are several notable takeaways:

  • 89% of consumers have altered their shopping behavior because of COVID-19
  • 78% of customers have changed where they choose to shop
  • Online ordering is much more prominent – 28% of consumers now place more online orders
  • 44% of shoppers will spend more money per visit
  • 32% of consumers are shortening their shopping trips
  • 16% of customers spend more money shopping online than before the pandemic

This information suggests that customers are prioritizing quick, convenient solutions above all else when going to the grocery store. Offering high-quality, grab-and-go items will be a key focus for grocery retailers to keep their customers happy and coming back again and again.

For more information about these statistics, please read on at Supermarket News.

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