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Tackle Trendy Taco Bars with Chairmans Foods

At Chairmans Foods, our job is simple: provide wholesome and quality comfort food the entire family will love. Delivering this tremendous value requires constant innovation to our existing product line while sustaining the delicious flavors we are known for. A commitment to serving our customers best runs deep at Chairmans, and we have done it again with the Taco Bar.

The Taco Bar is an emerging concept growing in C-store menus nationally. Mexican fare experienced growth on 15.5% of C-store menus in 2019, more than any other regional cuisine. The highly customizable nature of a Taco Bar allows every customer to be their own chef. The opportunities for tasty taco combinations are endless – meat filled or meatless, mild or spicy, queso or salsa, and everything in between.

Establishing a quality Taco Bar has never been easier with the scrumptious solutions from Chairmans Foods. Our vast selection of quality products fulfills every need when setting up a tasty Taco Bar. We offer a complete collection of ready-to-heat proteins, sides, beans, queso and more to stock your new Taco Bar. Examples of top products include:

  • Shredded Beef Barbacoa
  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Black Beans
  • Spanish Rice
  • Traditional Queso Blanco Mild

Taco Bars empower the customer to be in control and optimize every element of their meal, which will help improve customer satisfaction. Building a Taco Bar with wholesome and quality food from Chairmans will not only bring trusted, quality flavor, but happy customers promised to come back again and again. Get ahead with Chairmans Foods and capitalize on the Taco-Bar trend!

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