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How Our Vegetables Can Complete Many Different Meals

Vegetables are an essential part of many popular meals and an important aspect of healthy nutrition. Consumers expect a wide selection of tasty veggies on a restaurant’s menu or the hot bar selection at a grocery store. Adding the ideal side dish can quickly make or break a meal. Chairmans Foods provides a variety of side dishes featuring fresh vegetables that will become customer favorites in any restaurant or grocery retailer.

Our vegetable dishes are highlighted by the delicious diversity of our corn options. This ranges from rich creamed corn to Mexican street corn. We also offer straightforward country and buttered corn. These products pair wonderfully with many different entrées and meals. A crispy piece of fried chicken with our creamed corn forms a delectable comfort food feast, while lean ground meat alongside our Mexican street corn makes taco night easy and simple.

Chairmans Foods also features an array of leafy green vegetable dishes. This includes traditional collard greens, creamed spinach, and turnip greens. Each of these options offers distinctly different flavors and nutritional value. The viscous texture of our creamed spinach will instantly draw the attention of any flavor-forward foodie, while the turnip greens provide health-conscious customers with a nutritious dish. Chairmans Foods will add versatility and help your menu appeal to a wide range of customers.

Chairmans Foods produces mouthwatering side dishes that can highlight a meal or stand out in an aisle. Contact our team for additional insights into how our products will fulfill your foodservice needs!

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