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Scrumptious Sides Will Form Menu Favorites!

Quality side dishes can make or break a meal. It is important to make sure that your restaurant offers side items that excite customers as soon as they walk in. Side dishes are becoming increasingly popular and should not be the afterthought of a meal. Selecting complementary sides for delicious entrées is the signature of a well-planned dish.

Chairmans Foods can provide your restaurant with a variety of different side dishes to complete a scrumptious meal. Our products will save time for your chefs and allow them to focus on the main portion of the dish. Chairmans Foods has many options to accompany a variety of entrées that your restaurant may offer. When serving a hearty plate of comfort food, great side options include our delicious creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato casserole. These sides are also a great addition with roasted turkey. For a healthier plate, we can provide green beans, seasoned brown rice, and whole baby carrots. These sides are incredibly versatile and can be used in many types of dishes. The brown rice fits wonderfully in a stir fry dish, and the whole baby carrots or green beans complement mouth-watering pork chops or grilled chicken. For restaurants seeking to add an ethnic special, our delicious jambalaya, with or without sausage, alongside okra and tomatoes is a delectable option.

Featuring quality sides on your menu will increase the popularity of your restaurant and leave customers feeling fully satisfied with their meal. Contact Chairmans Foods for more information about our expansive selection of delicious side dishes!

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