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Many Shelf-Stable Products See Strong Sales Growth in 2020

Grocery stores and foodservice operators have seen consistent fluctuation in demand through the COVID-19 pandemic. Varying levels of lockdown and quarantine have impacted how, and where, consumers are eating their meals.

The start of the pandemic brought a shift within the supply chain, as many grocers faced shortages due to heavy demand and hoarding from consumers. Some grocers purchased products from restaurant suppliers to keep their inventory steady, as foodservice sales initially plummeted.

While foodservice has rebounded as restaurants have opened back up, the retail grocery industry continues to see strong sales figures. Industry experts have estimated that close to 70% of households are eating more at home, primarily because of the pandemic. Many of these meals feature shelf-stable ingredients that can be purchased and stored for long periods of time.

IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, has found that year-to-date sales have increased for the following products:

  • Baking mixes – 31.3%
  • Shelf-stable vegetables – 29.4%
  • Shelf-stable soup – 28%
  • Pasta – 30.4%
  • Spaghetti/Italian sauces – 26.1%

Whether shopping for shelf-stable products or fresh ingredients, consumers are searching for one thing: the food needed for a delicious meal. The quality products at Chairmans Foods makes this simple goal a tasty reality. A dinner featuring specialty entrées, vivacious veggies, and scintillating sides has never been easier – simply pick up our scrumptious items, heat, and serve for a meal that will delight the pickiest eater.

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