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The only way to fully recognize your full business potential is to know your consumer demographic. Who are your consumers? Why would consumers continually choose you instead of competitors? What is your proprietary advantage in attracting and keeping your consumer base?

Over 89% of consumers will choose a restaurant based on the quality of the food. And many other consumers will choose a restaurant based on the ambiance, the menu items, and price. The average consumer can buy their food and cook meals in their kitchen. Consumers purchase food from stores or restaurant experiences based on packaging, proprietary recipes, and pricing.

Chairmans’ Foods has decades of experience customizing proprietary formulations for products designed for consumer preferences, recipes, and packaging.

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New Product Development

Chairmans Foods professional team of food scientists, culinary staff, and food production teams will collaboratively create new food products for your company based on your consumer’s desires and expectations.

Proprietary Recipe Formulation

Chairmans Foods can replicate an existing recipe or create a new one from scratch based on proprietary specifications or your consumer base’s expectations.

The staff at Chairmans Foods can replicate, reverse engineer, deconstruct, and then construct the perfect recipe formula with exacting trial and error strategies. And clients are always involved every step of the way in a collaborative manner.

Product, Packaging, and Pricing

Chairmans Foods can assist you in developing a product, its packaging specifications, and price points based on your consumer expectations.

Do you need help developing proprietary and customized formulations for your business? Contact Chairmans Foods today!

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