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The Endless Ways to Use Chairmans’ Delicious Gravies

Chairmans Gravy

Nothing says comfort food quite like topping a plate with a rich, creamy gravy. The quickest way to connect with your customers this fall is by offering dishes that highlight some of the best gravies that Chairmans’ has to offer.

Country-Style Chicken & Biscuits with Pepper Gravy

Showcase your inner southern hospitality by serving everyone’s favorite comfort food—fried chicken. From fast-food burger joints to mom and pop diners, everyone has a version of fried chicken that goes over well with the crowds. Dress yours up with the ultimate comfort food accouterments by adding delicious, flakey biscuits that melt in your mouth and a drizzle of Chairmans’ Pepper Gravy. Finish the meal with some buttery, steamed green veggies for the perfect classic dinner.

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Southern Breakfast Enchilada with Sausage Gravy

Put a new twist on the breakfast menu with something that is one-part southern Tex-Mex and one-part comfort food: the Southern Breakfast Enchilada with Sausage Gravy. This casserole-style dish can be dressed up with a garnish and a side of fruit for breakfast special that pleases just about everyone.

Chairmans’ delicious gravies are a perfect way to welcome in the crisper, cooler weather this fall. With classic options like brown gravy, turkey gravy, pepper gravy, and sausage gravy, you can serve them all day long. Browse our catalog for more ideas today!

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