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The Importance of Vegetables in YOUR Daily Diet

Incorporating vegetables into your diet every day can be tough! Between work, errands, kids, and everything else, eating healthy isn’t always too easy. However, the benefits of having vegetables as a part of dinner every night will have you feeling fresh. Here are tips for some of the tastiest veggie options:

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  • Collard Greens – A Southern classic, collard greens serve as a delicious and nutritious side to any main course.
  • Baby Carrots – Baby carrots are one of the easiest vegetables to eat with any meal! Have them plain, with ranch or dipping sauce of your choice, or cook them up with some brown sugar and honey for a sweet treat that will have your guests raving. 
  • Green Beans – Sides, casseroles, doused with parmesan cheese — green beans are incredibly versatile. The healthy beans add some much-needed nutrients to your dinner. Make sure you get the freshest green beans for the best flavor!
  • Field Peas & Snaps – These are popular options that can be served as a crunchy appetizer or side. Garnish with sea salt for a healthy snack you won’t feel bad about!
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