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Utilize Chairmans’ Delicious Italian Sauces!

Chairmans Italian Sauces

Pizza and pasta may rank among American’s top comfort foods, but even serving the foods that your customers crave the most won’t earn you repeat business if you’re cooking with sauces that are bland or inconsistent in quality. At Chairmans Foods, we make Italian sauces that are both delicious and consistently high quality, so you can serve your customers the best every time they visit.

Our Italian Sauces

Alfredo Sauce

Rich and creamy, our alfredo sauce pairs perfectly with fettuccine, but you can also pour it over broccoli or asparagus to create a tasty side dish or serve it as a dip to complement breadsticks.

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Marinara Sauce

Our classic marinara sauce is as versatile as it is delicious. Whether you’re plating up pasta, baking an appetizer, or saucing a roast, adding in our marinara sauce takes your dish to the next level.

Pizza Sauce

Not just the perfect base for pizza, our pizza sauce also makes a great addition to barbeque or stuffed pasta and can be used as a dipping sauce for bread and appetizers.

Vodka Sauce

Sauteed chicken, sausage, pasta, and poached eggs all benefit from adding in our vodka sauce, not to mention appetizers like shrimp cocktail and garlic bread.

Want to keep your customers coming back for more? Whether you’re serving up pizza or just plating a side, Chairmans’ Italian sauces take the guesswork out of making delicious dishes for your customers every time.

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