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Ways to Use Gravy for Delicious Dishes!

Are you looking for some ways to incorporate gravy into a delicious dish? Check out these three great meals that you can add gravy to for an extra pleasant flavor.

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Mashed Potatoes 

There isn’t anything that goes better with gravy than a plate of warm, creamy mashed potatoes. Mix a little butter, salt, and pepper into the potatoes, and then drizzle on a hearty helping of hot gravy to pull everything together.


Are you looking for a hearty morning meal that can serve up some much-needed energy to your family? Consider giving biscuits and gravy a try. While not quite as classic as gravy and mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy are another meal you can’t go wrong with.

Roast Turkey

Anyone who has had turkey and gravy before can tell you what a delicious meal it makes. There’s a reason it’s a Thanksgiving favorite, after all. But there’s no rule in the books that says you have to wait until turkey day to enjoy it! Roast turkey and gravy can make a delicious home-cooked meal no matter when you decide to make it.

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