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Add Signature Flavor with Quality Queso!

Whether your customers are planning a big family get-together or just want a little special something to enjoy with their next meal, queso is a delicious addition to offer in any operation.

Taco Bar

People love to customize their food, so consider serving queso alongside a selection of other ingredients so people can construct their perfect custom taco. 


Meat and creamy queso spread atop a pile of deliciously crunchy chips are a staple among delicious party foods that you’re not going to want to forget.

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If nachos and tacos aren’t everyone’s preference, give burritos a try. Smother them in a warm layer of cheese queso and get ready for a delicious flavor experience.

Chips and Dip

A classic never hurt anybody, so consider serving up some queso as an appetizer alongside a bowl of chips

Are you a foodservice operator or retail store looking for some new top-quality sources of delicious food? Take a look at Chairmans Foods today to learn about what they can do for you.

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