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Why is Comfort Food So Popular?

Comfort food is a staple of the American diet. Everybody has their own favorite dish that provides an instant mood boost after the first bite. Common favorites include macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and pasta. But what is it about these foods that make them so “comforting”?

Here are the top 4 reasons why comfort food is so beloved by millions of Americans:

Triggers Feel Good Emotions – Consuming food that has fat, sugar, or salt is proven to engage the brain’s reward system, releasing pleasurable feelings and limiting tension.

Form of Self Medication – Nothing fixes a long day at the office quite like a steaming hot plate of your favorite dish. Comfort food is a simple solution to turn a difficult day into an enjoyable evening.

Association with Fond Memories – A collection of comfort food is the norm for millions of families during beloved holiday dinners such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Enjoying the same foods that are tied with years of precious memories can immediately bring a smile to your face.

Celebrating Special Occasions – What is a birthday, anniversary, or party without a delicious lineup of comfort food! We look forward to these types of special celebrations for many reasons, including the opportunity to indulge with our favorite foods.

Chairmans Foods offers a complete collection of wholesome and quality comfort food that provides these extraordinary benefits in every bite. Whether it is a speciality entree or a scrumptious side, Chairmans delivers signature, authentic flavor that promises to have your customers coming back again and again!

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Information courtesy of Psychology Today, and image courtesy of GoodtoKnow.

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