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The Plant Forward Revolution

Want to get in on the plant forward revolution altering diets around the country? Here are the basics you should know about.

Health Benefits

Everyone knows that healthy eating often involves keeping a lot of fruits and veggies in your diet. Eating plants can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, lessen the effects of inflammation, keep your cells healthy, and much more. 

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Increase in Plant Forward Eating

All throughout the US, plant-forward eating initiatives are becoming more common as people are looking to improve their diets and overall health. Consumers are cutting back on meat consumption in exchange for a delicious variety of fruit and veggie-based snacks and meals.

Plant-Based Proteins Fuel a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle

Basing your diet on healthy plant-based proteins can create a foundation for health and wellness in your life. Plant proteins can repair muscles while also helping you lose weight and build up your immune system. Be sure to add in some regular exercise to keep the health benefits coming. 

Are you a retail grocer or restaurant looking for a new source of top-quality meals? Chairmans Foods offers a full lineup of satisfying plant forward solutions that promise to help your business capitalize on a tasty trend!

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