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Complete Your Entrées with Delicious Sides!

Side dishes are incredibly important when crafting or updating your menu. They can truly complement different entrées while adding the necessary nutrition that consumers crave when dining at restaurants. Side dishes can vary in type, from roasted vegetables to creamy mac n cheese. Side items are a key reason for consumers to visit your restaurant. Chairmans Foods provides the solutions to introduce new, delectable offerings for your menu.

Chairmans Foods has a vast collection of sides that can complement meat or vegetarian dishes. A garlic basil roasted chicken would go well alongside our seasoned green beans with potatoes or seasoned sweet potato chunks. Your customers will be drawn to the combination of a tender chicken dish with the rich flavors of seasoned veggies and potatoes. Chairmans Foods also offers scrumptious creamed corn and spinach. These sides are terrific items to pair with a grilled chicken breast, which remains a menu staple that many customers immediately look for. In addition, we can help your restaurant add different vegetarian options. For example, our creamy mac n cheese is an ideal choice to serve beside fresh mushroom stroganoff for a meal that will have your customers asking for more!

Chairmans Foods offers the delicious products to help your restaurant form new favorite entrées and meals. We will surround your beloved dishes with scrumptious side items that add tremendous flavor to each bite and enhance your customer’s dining experience. Contact Chairmans Foods to learn more about what we offer and how we can supply your business with its needs!

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