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Standardize Your Flavors Across All Locations

It is a challenge for restaurant chains to ensure the same exact flavors for menu items across many different locations. Each individual restaurant has varying factors that can impact the consistency of flavor: different staff, different kitchen design, and fluctuating customer demand by location. Customers that order the same item at different locations and experience dissimilar taste and texture are unlikely to return with their business and could spread negative word of mouth about your chain.

Chairmans Foods provides a solution to this difficult problem. We supply a collection of delicious, identically tasting food products that will guarantee consistency at every location. Our products include many popular side items, such as macaroni and cheese, that demand consistent flavor across all locations to satisfy customer expectations. Chairmans Foods also offers essential sauces for meals, such as thick brown gravy and rich marinara sauce. These ingredients make an enormous impact on the quality of common menu items like mashed potatoes or pasta. Standardizing the flavor of your brown gravy or marinara sauce will add reliability and trust to the menu in the eyes of your customers. Our products at Chairmans Foods will provide consistently delicious meals, no matter the location.

Partnering with Chairmans Foods will help your chain serve food with a consistent standard of high-quality taste and texture that customers can count on. This will help build a strong reputation and positive brand image while boosting your sales. Please contact our team to learn more about how we can help your operation achieve a standard level of excellence at every location!

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