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Innovate with Plant-Based Solutions from Chairmans Foods

The plant-based diet becomes more and more popular every year. What started as a fad has quickly morphed into a nationwide movement impacting foodservice and retail operations everywhere. An increasing number of customers who do not characterize themself as “vegetarian” or “vegan” are experimenting with plant-based foods and expect to see them as an option on the menu or in the store. Meeting your customers where they are is a key to success, and right now, consumers are extremely interested in plant-based foods.

At Chairmans Foods, our team continues to embrace the plant-based trend and adapt the product line to help operators and retailers innovate. We can substitute plant-based protein into several of our specialty entrées. Many of the plant-based solutions at Chairmans Foods showcase quality products from Beyond Meat, which has made it easy to integrate plant-based proteins into beloved, classic dishes.

Our commitment to providing the ingredients to innovate goes well beyond entrées; our vegetables, sides, and grain products turn a tasty main course into a full meal your customers will love. These naturally meatless options, such as fresh carrots with butter sauce or cilantro lime rice, serve as the ideal sidekick for dozens of plant-based meals with quality and flavor.

Whether it’s a hearty main dish or a light side item, Chairmans Foods has what you need to innovate and offer your customers the top trends in food. Contact our team today for product information and custom solutions that fit your needs!

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