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Tasty Meals Made Simple with Chairmans Foods

A truly delectable meal requires more than a single good dish. It takes a combination of complementary flavors, textures, and colors to turn a bite of food into a memorable experience. These are the kinds of meals that not only bring smiles, but keep your customers coming back for more. The possibilities of delicious meals are endless with Chairmans Foods.

At Chairmans Foods, we carry an extensive line of quality entrées promised to leave your customers satisfied. Our specialty entrées feature dozens of hearty dishes that provide flavor and protein in every bite. There is nothing like a classic plate of comfort food to please the soul, which is why we carry scrumptious Chicken and Dumplings, Chicken Pot Pie, and Shepherd’s Pie. Looking for a more innovative option? Try our shredded beef, chicken, or pork for a tasty Taco Tuesday celebration.

While these options form delicious dishes, they do not make a meal – that requires the addition of a complementary side item. Chairmans Foods offers a range of side items that can be served with all types of entrées. We are known for our vivacious veggies, such as rich creamed corn, seasoned sweet potato chunks, and carrot souffle. In addition, our products include a variety of rice products – Asian rice, Cajun rice, and Spanish rice – that are crucial in forming ethnic favorites your customers will love.

At Chairmans Foods, we understand that convenience is a premium in today’s environment. Our team makes it easy to offer your customers different meals featuring entrées and sides that perfectly complement each other. Whether its Chicken and Dumplings with creamed corn or shredded beef with Spanish rice, we have what you need for simple, tasty meals.

Contact our team for product information and to learn how we will bring convenience and flavor to your business!

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