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Why Stuffing is the Best Thanksgiving Dish

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Stuffing is one of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes. Each year, about 50 percent of Americans put stuffing in their Thanksgiving birds.

But, what’s so great about stuffing? Why is it the best Thanksgiving dish? Read on to find out.

Unique Taste

One of the reasons stuffing is the best Thanksgiving dish is because it has a unique flavor. While recipes vary, the main ingredients typically consist of bread, eggs, butter, chicken, sage, and poultry seasoning. This makes for a delicious side dish or main dish.

Stuffing also goes great alongside a hearty helping of mashed potatoes.

Rich Flavor and Texture

Stuffing is rich, savory, and moist, with a bunch of different textures and flavors packed into each bite. The unique combination of herbs and starches will sure to satiate your hunger and your taste buds!

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Great Family Memories Associated with the Flavor

Another reason stuffing is so great is because there are so many great family memories associated with it. We all have that one family member who makes the best stuffing on Turkey Day!

If you’re looking to make stuffing in your restaurant, check out our products!

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