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Cinnamon Apples: The Perfect Dish for Fall

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What’s the best thing about fall? It’s apple season! Move over, pumpkin spice—cinnamon apples are stealing the spotlight for restaurants across the US this fall season.

Cinnamon apples are loved by people of all ages, and they’re a healthy, delicious fall menu staple item. And, best of all, you can incorporate them into a wide variety of dishes that can easily fit into any menu for any restaurant.

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For breakfast dishes, cinnamon apples make for a great side dish by themselves, or you can use them as toppers for pancakes and waffles, adding a fall twist to your existing menu items.

During fall, apple slices become more than a small side on the kid’s menu; cinnamon apples make great sides for salads and sandwiches!

Warm cinnamon apple slices served with french vanilla ice cream makes for an amazing addition to your dessert menu. It’s as good as apple pie, but easier to make and much healthier, which your customers are sure to appreciate.

What are you waiting for? Add cinnamon apples to your menu this fall—your customers will love them!

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