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Utilize Chairmans’ Breakfast Offerings

The importance of breakfast can’t be understated. Studies find that those who skip breakfast are more prone to “obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases.” Additional advantages of breakfast include:

  • Increased calcium and fiber intake
  • Improved memory and attention in children
  • Eating less fat the rest of the day
  • Meeting fruit and vegetable daily requirements

Adding breakfast items to your menu is a quick and easy way to appeal to more customers. Here are some delicious breakfast ideas.

Breakfast scrambler. Using ground beef, potatoes, onion, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and some seasonings, you can quickly make a tasty breakfast scramble. Packed with protein and carbs, this meal is sure to keep your customers as full as they are happy.

Quiche. This dish comes in many varieties, from ham and cheese to spinach-ricotta. Quiches are packed with protein to keep customers full well into the afternoon.

Hashbrown casserole. This easy recipe requires relatively few major ingredients and can be prepped and cooked in less than an hour. This is a bit on the carby-er side for customers who enjoy that sort of breakfast dish.

Cheesy grits. Using whole milk, cornmeal, butter, water, and some seasonings, this tasty meal can be made in around half an hour. Consider adding protein in, such as shrimp.

Chairmans Foods specializes in high-quality comfort foods for entrées, main dishes, sides, soups, and more. If you’re missing some inspiration for your new breakfast menu items, we can help! Learn more today.

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